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Against The Unsuspected Enemy

Keith Scott-Mumby MD, the “Number One Allergy Detective” takes you into the world of the “unsuspected enemy”.

It’s a health secret he puts on a par with anesthetics and antibiotics, not for the measure of it but just the sheer NUMBERS of people it affects.

This is the “hidden food allergy” or “masked food allergy”.

It’s nothing like the drama of a peanut allergy emergency, that threatens lives.

This is the story of everyday foods making people sick in countless ways.

This “hidden allergy” effect also underpins many serious diseases, such as diabetes, even cancer, psychological disorders, earning and behavior problems…

In fact the sheer number of effects that can be seen is what has prevented a proper understanding and acknowledgement of the hidden allergy effect.

Most doctors can’t believe it.

Not Just Food Allergy

In modern times, as Dr. Keith explains, we think beyond just food allergy, into the realm of genetic food incompatibility (DNA disruptions).

It’s a sort of secret “food code”. Dr Keith knows how to unlock this code for YOU and is willing to share.

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Dr. Keith is the ideal person to tell this story because, in a very real sense, he helped write the story!

He and a handful of pioneers over a quarter of a century ago blazed this new discovery far and wide.

Dr. Keith’s many sensational human stories were featured in the press, filled with drama, surprise and humanity.

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